Basecamp. Good stuff. Strong advocacy. Good Stuff.

“I worked in the project management software industry for nearly fifteen years and Basecamp is the first product I have seen that is truly project management for everyone. Nice to see someone finally figured it out.”
-Jim Dunnigan, Former Product Manager Microsoft Project

“…it boasts one of the most beautifully simple user interfaces I’ve seen in a web application.” evilmonkey

“Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I love Basecamp. I can’t remember the last time I loved an application right out of the box. I can’t wait to have clients test it further.” Diana Montalion Dupuis

Gushing Tuesdaiians. Not so Good.

Basecamp does not let you set up recurring meetings, so be careful about getting pulled into a Tuesday meeting request through the seduction that is Basecamp, the poster app of productivity 2.0.

Microsoft Project does. Yay. So don’t forget to add this to you project plan set up. Nice to see MS support Doesday in such an effective way. Thanks fellas.