First Tuesday. Classic Tuesday’s schoolboy error that bought web1.0 its knees. LARGE business meeting’s on a Tuesday. Sheesh.

Unforgiving, they’re back as Second Chance Tuesday. Check out the videos of Ben, Mike and Simon. Watch and learn folks. Watch and Learn.

And tomorrow is our ‘first Tuesday’ (oh yes it is!) of the Doesday effort. It’s not going to be easy to get into the swing, even I have two unmovable chunks in the diary. One is a bump over from a previous day (key point: take Mondays meetings full on, else they could easily be bumped to the following day, especially is looking empty.)

The other is a chemisty meeting, but I’m suspecting it’ll slide into a formal meeting. Crafty. Stealth booking. Meetings on Tuesdays can get framed like that – dressed up as a chat but actually they’re like any other weekday meeting.

Take note of the presentation style in the videos. Perfect for keeping chemistry meetings just that. If you can make a little money on the side, all the better. The meeting turns into doing when you complete a transaction.