35 Days..

So Doesday, right we all fucking know what it means right? I mean it says it right there. Do. Does. Day.

No I don\'t mean Tuesday

No meetings, none..so what the hell am I mean to do all day?!? Because we’re so conditioned to not doing stuff efficiently, that when we try, it’s a fucking challenge. Kind of ironic no?

The idea of telling everyone where to stick it and getting stuff done was something I loved so I’ve tried to do it – and come 2359 on a Monday, I’m usually awake and ready to slay the to-do list.

Rather than a meandering and dull post about something not very interesting, I thought I’d do a list of things that help me do. Because everyone loves a list right? I hope so.

So let’s get this sucka rolling.

1. Night

I don’t really sleep, I just can’t, which is a problem sometimes, but it’s great when I need to get stuff done. Because there’s no-one awake and therefore nothing else to do except crack on. So midnight to 5am is my most productive time by far. It might not seem practical, but when you get things done at blinding speed, all the stuff you need to be awake for…well it’s already done.

2. Twitter

I love Twitter. If people think I’m weird because of it, well they’re right. But I still love Twitter. It’s simple and it cuts out all the crap and let’s you do the most important things of all: listen and talk. Listen to what people are saying, talk to them about what they’re doing, what you’re doing and how you can make you, your work and your life better. Join Twitter. Today. And today’s doesday will be complete. Do it quickly guys, before it becomes a tool for blockhead marketers trying to milk money out of it. Right now it’s so elegant and simple, it’s knowledge exchange, just like back in the day when money was nothing. Twitter rocks.

3. Cans aka Headphones aka Buds aka ‘Phones

I have two awesome pairs of headphones and they help when the whole work at night thing isn’t happening. Or even if it is. They block out the world and let me get it all on. I was stuck at Paddington one time in between job interviews, I stuck these babies in and I swear everything was drowned out. Awesome stuff. (My choice of aural poison is here – check it out).

4. The Clear Stuff aka Water

I gave up caffeine because a) I really don’t like how coffee tastes and b) it takes my ADHD to a new, uncharted and altogether uncomfortable (even for me) level. So my beverage of choice is ice cold H2O. Stick a couple of bottles of the good stuff in the fridge every night and that’s my rocket fuel, it wakes me up and kicks me in the proverbial spot where the sun don’t shine when I’m feeling kinda drowsy. And it’s the main character in a crazy funny movie. So it gets bonus points in my book. Water wins.

5. The Get Fresh Crew aka All of You.

The final and most important piece of my Doesday puzzle is the hardest to get, cause you can’t buy ’em in any stores that I’ve been to – amazing people. By far the best thing about technology and web 3.145566464 or whatever they’re calling it these days is that it lets us to get to new, amazingly intelligent and cool people faster and better than ever before. And the more cogs that are turning, the faster that damn wheel spins – and the better everything is. A year ago I didn’t know anyone out here in blogland, now some of my closest and coolest are *gasp* people I met on the Internet. So it rocks. Always. This is the hardest thing to find, but the most awesome.

That’s how I do, how about y’all?