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Playing the long game is going to help with up holding the Doesday Manifesto. Eliminate some of the least used rooms.

Ask if anyone else can smell gas in specific rooms. Not only does this help bond with your colleagues, collaborative sniffing is so primal, so oxygenating, which can help get everyone revved up and keen to get out of the meeting in question.

Ask if anyone has seen the gas engineer in the east wing meeting room (the large meeting room), especially towards the end of the week.

“You know, I think I did.”

Job done.


Lack decision making capacity for meeting free Tuesdays.

“Let’s play it by ear; I have the deliveries arriving around that time, and the order is twice the size this year. Uhuh. Saying that, they might cancel because of the cranes outside no 23, who are all currently held up here and I have to keep an eye on them. You know. Yeah. So, let’s pencil it in, but dont expect me there. Cheers. All the best. Good luck.”