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Blackholes suck you in, just like your watercooler. Judge your proximity wisely on a Tuesday. Bring in your own water instead. Or a smoothie. They’re better for you anyway. Or just get some apples, just as good and cheaper, and better for the environment.


“And space will appear within space.”
First Prophecy of the Doesday Manifesto.

Which brings a whole cinematic feel to this campaign.

Empty meeting rooms as cinema? Woah there! Now, why cant we have a day of cinema running as a creative pop-in centre on Tuesdays if the room is free?


Get the best room for your meetings. Don’t let a good decision be discussed, debated, disected, broken up, mashed, examined, argued, faught over in a second rate room just because that’s the only room available on Tuesday at 3pm. Bump it over to Friday and feel confident in what you have to say. Go tiger.

No meetings on a Tuesday? That’s new space.