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Meet people at raves, not in a bored room.

If you’re attempting a meeting on a Doesday, make some noise. Turn that meeting into a mind blowin’ party.

Here’s the agenda.

  1. Get the brews in.
  2. Make notes in Aberton Live.
  3. Gurn.
  4. Grin.
  5. Giggle.
  6. Keep going till the sun comes up again.

Haven’t got a copy of Aberton Live? Here’s a fully working demo. Go – remix your Doesday.

First Tuesday. Classic Tuesday’s schoolboy error that bought web1.0 its knees. LARGE business meeting’s on a Tuesday. Sheesh.

Unforgiving, they’re back as Second Chance Tuesday. Check out the videos of Ben, Mike and Simon. Watch and learn folks. Watch and Learn.

And tomorrow is our ‘first Tuesday’ (oh yes it is!) of the Doesday effort. It’s not going to be easy to get into the swing, even I have two unmovable chunks in the diary. One is a bump over from a previous day (key point: take Mondays meetings full on, else they could easily be bumped to the following day, especially is looking empty.)

The other is a chemisty meeting, but I’m suspecting it’ll slide into a formal meeting. Crafty. Stealth booking. Meetings on Tuesdays can get framed like that – dressed up as a chat but actually they’re like any other weekday meeting.

Take note of the presentation style in the videos. Perfect for keeping chemistry meetings just that. If you can make a little money on the side, all the better. The meeting turns into doing when you complete a transaction.

No balls. No meeting. No message.


Of course, I’m completely guessing, but I honestly believe that Che, if alive today, bless his soul, he would be behind the Doesday cause. As a god of war, his ‘day of do’ must have been the one day of the week that the God of Mars (Fearless warmonger) lent his name to.

Endorsed days of the week. Classic open source marketing. Text book stuff these days, but back in the day, this was hot stuff. Respect.

Be the Che, signup here.

Blackholes suck you in, just like your watercooler. Judge your proximity wisely on a Tuesday. Bring in your own water instead. Or a smoothie. They’re better for you anyway. Or just get some apples, just as good and cheaper, and better for the environment.

Basecamp. Good stuff. Strong advocacy. Good Stuff.

“I worked in the project management software industry for nearly fifteen years and Basecamp is the first product I have seen that is truly project management for everyone. Nice to see someone finally figured it out.”
-Jim Dunnigan, Former Product Manager Microsoft Project

“…it boasts one of the most beautifully simple user interfaces I’ve seen in a web application.” evilmonkey

“Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I love Basecamp. I can’t remember the last time I loved an application right out of the box. I can’t wait to have clients test it further.” Diana Montalion Dupuis

Gushing Tuesdaiians. Not so Good.

Basecamp does not let you set up recurring meetings, so be careful about getting pulled into a Tuesday meeting request through the seduction that is Basecamp, the poster app of productivity 2.0.

Microsoft Project does. Yay. So don’t forget to add this to you project plan set up. Nice to see MS support Doesday in such an effective way. Thanks fellas.

“And space will appear within space.”
First Prophecy of the Doesday Manifesto.

Which brings a whole cinematic feel to this campaign.

Empty meeting rooms as cinema? Woah there! Now, why cant we have a day of cinema running as a creative pop-in centre on Tuesdays if the room is free?

Make sure meeting room lights are off, not only is this helping your firm reduce it’s carbon foot print, it also makes it more obvious to see which rooms are empty all week around. But leave them on on Tuesday. Makes it look like the room are in use, thus cutting down on ad hoc meetings.

Venetian blinds are also useful in cloaking room usage.

I’m thinking Project Rooms.

Meeting people is just too easy. Restraint people, restraint. Do we really need these types of enforcements? Free will is still under consideration, but we’re all in this together. Let’s make it easy to say no. Just don’t set your meeting up for a Tuesday. Simple.

That’s the first principle of the Doesbury Manifesto

“Do not do as you does by others.”